How to connect to the site Badoo

First, in order to connect, you must first register if it is not done yet.


Subscription 1 month 8.49 € / month
Subscription 3 months: € 6.66 / month
Subscription 6 months: 5,00 € / month
12 months subscription: € 4.17 / month

The « Up » profile in the list of search results by region and the « Banner Spotlight » which displays her picture on the site’s home page are payable from subscription below above…

A 2009 study ranked Badoo scientifique5 as the worst (in terms of compliance with information privacy) of 45 analysés6 social networking sites. To the profile too is following your preferences: sex, age, place of residence, physical criteria, aspirations … If your profile is complete, the magic button « Exchange » even allows you to directly obtain a selection of compatible profiles. com:

Email and password
through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, or Yandex Mail. This is more than 100 000 new members who register on Badoo every day.
The user will find information about the company (Badoo Trading Limited) and his team Site News (notably through the blog) or job offers. According to Alexa Internet always the domain of 16 May 2003.

Most Badoo

The Badoo service is free. Wherever you live, you have thousands of chances to meet people near you … or not! After all, you are about possibly moving to the other end of the world, and already planning your arrival you by creating a social circle to! Or you want exotic, and do not fear the free meeting remotely! You decide.
The fake profiles in spades: « I recommend that a conch to register on this site can full of fake profiles of girls who are there to attract guys so they end up taking a super expensive subscription » another opinion a surfer. But Badoo prefers fake profiles (grazers) that pay to rip the real profiles that are really there for socializing.
The less Badoo

Very bad reputation: if you do some research on Google about opinions on badoo, you risk being overrun by user reviews completely disappointed and angry against the social network
Site too highly intrusive « badoo you spy, harass and glue you a lot of fraudulent codes into your computer » is what can be found as opinions on the canvas.
Certainly the larger community around the topic of the meeting. For even more responsiveness, a mobile application for iPhone and Android is now available. In addition, when registering on Badoo, your Messenger and Facebook passwords you are required in order to use your personal data. For those who want new contacts, it is best to decorate their profile at least 3 photos, because this is the sine qua non in order to view those of other members, and access the full information about the .


Concept & Presentation

In 2006 Andrey Andreev, a young Russian entrepreneur of 32 years created the Badoo dating site.

Once registered, it is very difficult to leave the site, more if you have linked your Facebook account, your only recourse will simply delete your Facebook account and create a new one. You can register on the website or applications for free. So it inspires confidence in the world ..

Launched in 2006, Badoo has several million members from 180 countries (the site is available in 25 languages). No risk to miss an opportunity!
Badoo is a social networking site dedicated to the game that lets you send messages, share photos and videos in a user interface like Facebook (wall poster activity classified in reverse chronological order).



Services & Features!

Although Badoo is known as a dating site, it also has another function: to be a gigantic network social.Ru
Once connected you can search for the profile of your dreams …
Today we start to discover the likely best known dating site in the world, namely Badoo!

Badoo, available through the world in several languages ​​but also on multiple media (mobile app etc. To go further, current search, know who is interested in you, or increase the visibility of your profile and you to more easily find, a subscription will be required. as a small update is needed just to see and monitor this dating site. I think it will play and affect the notes that I will give it.

Free registration (Supers affordable Powers)
A great community
Dating site and social network at once
iPhone and Android Applications
Interaction with Facebook and Messenger

The Disadvantages of Badoo!
badoo disadvantages

Well, I did get the impression of more drawbacks to this site 367ième is the most visited site in the world. On most sites it is men who have to hand the wallet and therefore pay for women. Ok this is marketing, but this is a peutrop.
etc. No stress, no pressure, you manage your contacts at your own pace. Many profiles are not up to date, and when connects you find yourself drowning in the mass.

In 2011, Badoo is the first dating site to offer an application on Android2 platform.

I quit my bad points list on badoo 8. One study even been performed and demonstrated that Badoo is the worst dating site regarding respect of privacy.
Badoo facilitates free meeting
The second largest network, that’s a title that speaks volumes about the popularity Badoo worldwide. Someone to tell one day, it was easier to catch a fish in a small pond than a big lake. However, it can contact the customer service Badoo to request the removal of his profile 8.

In the ranking of social network Badoo is ranked 45th worst sites on confidentiality. Our opinion before registering to this site. In two years, the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) received nearly 60 complaints from users unwittingly stuck on Badoo. Because yes, visibility on, but I use it only rarely.

Since 2014, when I first came on Badoo.

The Badoo site was created in 2006 by Andrey Andreev, a Russian entrepreneur.


And you what do you think of Badoo dating site?

EDIT 03/03/2016!
Water was pouring under the bridge since the writing of this article.

And you, you continue to use Badoo?. And the worst part about it is that I still ended up on Badoo register to see this famous friend, making not care at all! 🙁


Conclusion & Rating: 08/20

Badoo – LOGO


Graphical Interface – 2/4
Tools & Navigation – 1/4
Concept – 2/4
Rates – 2/4
Community – 1/4

Badoo is not a dating site that we recommend especially for all the reasons mentioned above .. However, this investment is minor in comparison with the world of possibilities it opens. Registration on Badoo is free, and it is also possible to connect with Facebook, Yahoo, Google, or MSN. Like all good dating sites that respect, you must register on Badoo (free) to access the profiles of other users. Thus, the majority of registered users are between 18 and 28 years.
Badoo is a social network dedicated to the most used meeting proposes to connect people wishing to meet people, find love or just make friends or chat. Even simpler, better and faster! Whatever your requirements, they will find many winning combinations on Badoo free dating site .. But it is not intended exclusively for singles who want to find a partner, even if it is one of its main missions! Others can also come to make friends on this community site, or just distracted while keeping contact with relatives? We all have a reason to stay on Badoo.

Moreover, as a social network, a cat is put in place to share photos or videos, but in this case you will have to pay you a certain amount (see below) to become a Premium Member and obtain, at the same time, « super-powers » and the opportunity to be more visible to others.


A site too intrusive?

Badoo uses unsavory ways to attract new users such as sending mail explaining that you have received a message from one of your friends and you must register on the site to read it.
Little opportunity with the free version: You will pay « super powers » if you want more information on these profiles.

Then you have several ways to connect to Badoo.

Moreover, Badoo has iPhone and Android applications to always have an eye on the profiles that attract you. 😉

I saw that new features had emerged as the possibility to get in invisible when viewing profiles. People already happy in love often mistakenly think they have nothing to do on such a platform. If this code is provided by the user, Badoo then uses the personal information of the user; it transfers photos on the site Badoo / he sends pop-up on the sites visited. Most of these complaints concern the opening of fake profile without permission from the exceeded the 100 million subscribers in 180 countries in less than 5 years.

Today, more than 125,000 new connections that are conducted daily from different parts of the planet. With financial support of $ 30 million,, the site has evolved a lot, and at the same time not too much change. Within moments, you are on the site, ready to explore multiple features offered, especially close to a meeting with Badoo will perhaps change the course of your destiny.


A bad reputation ?

In addition to bad echoes regarding privacy, Badoo suffers from a bad reputation based on several points. Another negative point is that you will find on Badoo more easily plan a night rather than the true great love. These tests are intended to guide you best in your choices. This will require a subscription to qualify for the « superpowers » that allow you, among other things, improve your ranking in the search results by affinity. You can even simpler using your existing email account or Facebook.

Nearly 125 000 new users log in every day and the site has over 35 million active users each month.

Some fake profiles are easily spotted (girls too alluring, men billionaires under dark …) but not always. I knew badoo receiving a message on my phone !! A supposedly old friend wanted to hear from me! Now this friend said was no longer my phone number !!

Where have they recovered? Do they have the right to do that? I wonder like. According to the website alexa.

Badoo – Great Powers

In a sense I find it not so bad, at least Badoo does no difference between men and women. Because although it is placed at the top of the French standings, its network in the rest of Europe and the world; over 180 countries, all nationalities are represented. Therefore, you can view and record the famous profiles that interest you and see those who rated you. On Badoo, men and women have no differences because everybody has to pay these amounts. For this, you can learn the classic online form, just your name, date of birth, city, gender, and type of relationship you are looking for (making friends, find love, chat); an additional criterion to fall only on profiles that match and do not waste time.

Apart from that the site has not changed much, still popular and victim of its success. He is a regular part of the five iPhone applications generating the most revenue worldwide.

In 2013 Badoo boasts 184 million registered across the world3. At first it is part of the great pundits and market leader.

More than sixty complaints have been filed against Badoo but their headquarters is based in Britain, the lawsuits have little chance of success. I had not asked.

Badoo also occupies the 37th place in the ranking of the most visited websites in France and the 128th place in the overall ranking according to Alexa Internet4. Respect for privacy is especially important and how to attract new registrants is not very advisable. In other words, your photos and other information present on your Facebook or Messenger accounts will literally sucked for use on still has its advantages. Geolocation mark you as you enter, and you immediately suggests pictures of men and women located near where you are. Caution is called for.

Do not stay on the sidelines of the phenomenon, just a unique experience. but that’s not all, here are the 5 key points as I could remember (positive) on Badoo. The price, the concept and other details have not changed them and it is not worse you say.

Personally I tried, I saw and I left.


Me about my account is still active on Badoo. Alexa figures are valid only for websites. Done also alarming, some users lie about their age because they are actually is very important.

Some features are also available provided you have photos on their profile (at least three). A Badoo Mobile application is available to download (available on iOS and Android)
The site was created in 2006 by Andrey Andreev and launched in the UK.
In late 2007, 20% of the site’s 22 million users have used this feature at least once in the month. When registering, you are asked for the security code of the Messenger and Facebook accounts.

Operation of the site [change | modify the code]
Registration is free but many features are priced.

Abuse [change | modify the code]
Badoo was the subject of complaints to the processes considered unscrupulous such as spam, recovery and use of personnelles7 data.

The risks of confidentiality and anonymity are enormous. All functions of the website are proposed with a more streamlined and responsive design. I leave you to ponder the above. Well in a way it is useless because you visit the profiles in the hope of receiving in return visits.

Moreover, I find that Badoo, in view of its international popularity (and even global) has remained humble about its fares! It’s very affordable and away € 100 required on E-Darling example. Indeed, at present, the Internet became the preferred place to meet new people easily, quickly, with virtually no constraints, but if Badoo is so successful compared to hundreds of other sites, it is for the multiple benefits of the free dating site.


The benefits of Badoo!
badoo benefits

The Badoo dating site. It is the 5th social network in the world, according to Alexa Internet and comScore. Some members use Badoo for more chat with friends (at least, that’s what they say;))
Available on App Store, Google Play and WIndows Phone Store, you will be informed of the location of your future conquests. But why its presence in such a ranking? Just because Badoo does not hesitate to interfere in your address book to offer its services to your contacts. As against you do not have access to all features. Within a few years, Badoo has become one of the best known and the figures established sites do not contradict this fact: more than 150 million subscribers in 180 countries in 2012 including more than 35 million users mois.Badoo each asset: the discovery of the free dating site
Single looking for a soul mate, newcomer in a city or region seeking to make friends, the motivations of people joining Badoo every day the immense community are many.) Is the dating site to try at least a time !

Dating sites on the web, are so numerous that even you are unable to choose on which you must register. It is therefore a way to consult the profile of the latter without grilling.

By this, I mean that the interface has clearly been improved, as some tools and so on. Thanks to its « free » and easy registration, the site announces over 300 million users.
Endless possibilities for less investment
Indulge, registration will cost you nothing .. Moreover, thus defining the outset the needs of everyone, everyone savings disappointments.


Tariffs & Subscriptions: Great Powers

Although registration is free, the main interesting features require to put their hands to the portfolio. Relatively large numbers by Badoo and its 200 employees worldwide, one of the most popular dating sites at the same stage that Meetic.
This is not a dating site, it is also a social network. The site itself is interesting and could be part of the best I think. To register click here. Whether you live in the city or are traveling, if a person please contact it immediately, and if affinities, you can skip to the next step and propose an appointment « for real » in a friendly the corner for your serious encounter. I think I could cite others but enough. The statistics are more explicit than words: more than 180 million members in less than a decade, an interface available in forty, Badoo. That is why we, in writing, decided to do a roundup of the most popular dating sites in order to reveal the defects and qualities of each (see our test Meetic).

Moreover, most girls are so sexy requested that they even take the trouble to reply to messages they receive.

Badoo have 297 million registered.
Badoo and technology
It uses all new technology to enhance your experience.

If the site itself inspires confidence, we realize that the reality is different. First, the number of fake profiles supposedly registered on the site checked by Badoo.


Personal data used
Respect for private life almost nonexistent
very difficult Termination
Fake profiles shovel
Site too intrusive
Bad reputation
Free version too limited
Comments hidden in men (very unfair)
etc., etc .

Badoo in France

In France, Badoo is also used by young people and is the 117th most visited website by. And since dating is accessible from your smartphone, even when you’re traveling, the visits continue, emails and heart strokes keep coming, cats continues. Badoo therefore has a freemium business model: the company generates revenue through paid options that allow users for a limited period of time to give more visibility to their profile on the site.

If you take the bait of these minor you will be outright blackmailed.

Before enrolling think carefully and consider all the benefits, but also all the disadvantages. It is now available in over 180 countries